Musa Mseleku Weds Again

wMusa Mseleku has tied the knot with his beautiful wife Thobile Khumalo. The wife, who is his 3rd wife in the polygamous marriage that has caused waves in South Africa, was celebrating her Umembeso function.

A few pictures of the ceremony and guests, who looked absolutely stunning have emerged on social media.

– Nonku Williams and Happy gal at the wedding



When Musa Mseleku was contacted for a comment, he declined to respond and stated that their followers would receive more information in the next season of their reality show.

Both Musa Mseleku and Thobile Khumalo are part of 2 major reality shows in the country. The family reality show, where all his wives are is ‘Uthando Nesthembu’ , while Thobile is also part of ‘The Real Housewives of Durban’ , which she joined in the 2nd season.

Musa Mseleku told the publication that he is looking into getting a 5th wife, however, this will only happen once he receives the go ahead from his wives

No official images have been released yet.

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