Musa Mseleku Takes Back His Hurtful Words He Said To MaYeni & Mangwabe. See What He Said

Musa Mseleku Takes Back His Hurtful Words He Said To MaYeni & Mangwabe in

Source: Hashtag #Uthandonesthembu Twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode




It’s another hot episode of Uthando Nesthembu and Musa Mseleku’s wife have gang up on to. This is the episode we have been waiting for since last week. We have seen in last episode where by MaCele call out the meeting with the other wife’s to discuss the issues they are having. The wife’s has asked their husband Musa not to arrive at the same time with them.

MaCele started the meeting by asking Musa Mseleku about what he was saying when he said: “If they want to leave they can leave, he can soldier. He Did not find anyone single but he found them with man’s.”

Apparently his words did not come out good, to them it’s an insult. Musa Mseleku has apologize for saying hurtful words and asked to take all the words he said to MaYeni and MaNgwabe by apologize to them. He apologize to his second wife MaYeni who wanted to leave the marriage because of his hurtful words.

Musa has always wanted to take wife number 5 but it seems like whenever they have to speak about her, there’s division in the family. Apparently his wife’s are not happy about the current treatment he has been giving to them.

His Wife’s want him to be told everything since they are all caller matriarch. Apparently Musa is the one who is causing the confusion between his wife’s. Musa cannot discuss his disagreements with one wife to the other except maybe to Mamkhulu (senior wife) for assistance.

MaCele low key protesting the assertion from Mseleku that there’s no senior matriarch in polygamous marriage. Mseleku is the problem here. Apparently all of this wives entered polygamy marriage knowing about Musa’s intentions. He never told them about 20 kids. He admitted that he lied to them to get them.

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