Musa Mseleku refuses to pay for Mpilo’s Surname to be changed to Mseleku

On the recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu which aired on DSTV channel 103, we saw that Musa Mseleku’s daughter Mpilo invited both MaKhumalo and Musa to talk about changing her surname, which has not yet happened and it has been dragging for a very long time.

In the previous episode, Mpilo and MaKhumalo discussed the issue of changing Mpilo’s surname. The reason for this is because she wants to know why there is a delay. She is tired of running in circles and it seems like she now wants to know what is delaying the process of her changng her surname.


Mpilo revealed that she once spoke to her mother Thobile Mseleku and grandmother about this surname issue and they told her that not everything has been paid for and they think that the head of the Mseleku family, Musa Mseleu still needs to pay lobola. Mpilo also revelaed that they told her that Musa Mseleku is aware that he still needs to pay lobola, but he will not.

In this, it seems like the Zungu family, which is Mpilo’s family wants to gain more than they can bargain from Musa Mseleku and his family. This is also how Musa Mseleku feels about this whole situtation. Musa revealed that he paid the damages for Mpilo because he wants her to change her surname, but it seems like that is not currently happening. What he is getting is that the Zungu’s are not satisfied with what he has paid them, they keep on wanting more, this means that Mpilo’s surname will not be changing anytime soon.

Musa Mseleku made it very clear that he is not going to pay anything more. He has already paid damages, and the money that the Zungu’s are further requesting, he is not going to pay up. It now seems like the Zungu’s are trying to scam Musa Mseleku becasue they are grabbing an opportunity to get more money from him through Mpilo.

It seem like Musa is standing by his decision of not paying the lobola that the Zungu’s are talking about in order for Mpilo to change her surname to Mseleku. In my opinion, what im getting out of this is that Musa Mseleku is not willing to compromise as the Zungu’s want lobola to be paid. On Musa’s side, he has already paid for the damages so he does not see the reason for him to pay lobola too and i agree with this because according to the Zulu culture, you can change your surname if they have paid damages for you.

Do you think that Musa Mseleku is doing the right thing by not wanting to pay more lobola for Mpilo to change her suname? Chat with us in the comments and let us know yiur thoughts on this.