Musa Mseleku reacts to Sne’s 3rd Pregnancy

In the previous episode of Uthando Nesthembu (Season 6, Episode 5), MaCele confronted Sne about her pregnancy rumors and it turns out that the rumors were indeed true that Sne is pregnant with her third child.

This week, MaCele told Sne that she was going to inform her husband Musa Mseleku about the pregnancy. Sne did not like this because she was afraid that she might get kicked out by Musa Mseleku if he knew. MaCele went ahead and told Musa Mseleku about the pregnancy and things quickly got tense. Musa Mseleku was not so happy about the news of Sne’s pregnancy.

“What is this that I hear from your mother”, Musa questioned Sne.

At first, Musa did not want to believe that Sne is pregnant, but later on, he realized that it is true that she is pregnant. He asked MaCele where is Sne going to stay now that she is pregnant again and Sne was getting scared since Musa Mseleku confronted her about the pregnancy.

In her diary session, Sne revealed that she is scared of her father and she is also scared that she might get kicked out of the house now that she is pregnant again.

“I have a feeling that he might kick me out…It’s not easy for me to explain to my father what happened, so I can’t tell him”, said Sne.


In Musa Mseleku’s diary session, he mentioned that he assumed Sne is sponsoring her new boyfriend with the money that he gives her because she always says that she does not have money, and does not take care of her children and herself. She is busy taking care of her boyfriend with his money.

“Sne takes the money I give to her as my daughter…As a family, we carry this and we know that we were reckless in handling the matter”, said Musa.

Musa Mseleku also said that because Sne is doing this, he will no longer be giving her money because he is not forced to take care of Sne and her children. He decided not to be involved in Sne’s pregnancy issues because if they involve him, it means that Sne is going to leave the Mseleku house.

“You’ll both see how to handle it, don’t involve me”, said Musa.

In my opinion, I would assume that Musa has already hinted at kicking Sne out even though he has not said it directly. He said that he is going to stop taking care of Sne financially because he assumed that she is taking the money and sponsoring her new boyfriend.

Musa also said that he does not want to be involved in Sne’s pregnancy because if they involved him he is going to kick Sne out. Do you agree with this? Chat with us in the comments and let us know what you think.