Musa Mseleku reacts after Mpumelelo appears with his two girlfriends on Granddaughters birthday

On the last episode of Uthando Nesthembu which aired on DSTV channel 103, we saw Musa Mseleku celebrate his granddaughter’s birthday Mhlophekazi. The granddaughter that I am talking about is Mpumelelo’s daughter with Vuyokazi from Cape Town.

Musa Mseleku’s granddaughter Mhlophekazi was turning two years old and for her birthday celebration, the whole family was present at the event. Musa Mseleku’s in-laws were also at the celebration.

Musa seemed like he was a bit ashamed or rather embarrassed when his son Mpumelelo was introducing his girlfriends to him. Musa just looked like he did not what to do, how to react, and what to say when Mpumelelo went ahead with the introductions.

Some may say that Musa looked like he was not interested in what Mpumelelo was saying because he feels that the elderly people were available for Mpumelelo to tell this to.

“For him to just appear with his girlfriends isn’t right, even more so because my in-laws are here…I also don’t want my wives to accuse me of being the one who encouraged this behavior”, said Musa.

Musa was saying this because he could see that the in-laws were there and they would think that it was he who planned this all out and he is the one who is promoting what Mpumelelo is doing.

It also seemed like the other Mseleku wives were either not welcoming, or they just were not feeling everything that was going on. The only wife that appeared to be more welcoming was MaNgwabe. She was a bit more friendly unlike the other wives, she even had small talk with the other family.