Musa Mseleku left Mzansi with her recent post looking

Musa Mseleku is very popular in Mzansi and he is also well respected, a lot of people him for being a polygamist. His second wife is popularly known as Mayeni Mseleku. She has been described as the calm one but will go ahead an push back if need be. The husband points out to her as a good listener that seeks clarification in case she does not understand something.




This lovely lady has been with her lovely husband for quite some time and she was really supposed to have been the first wife to her husband but things didn’t work out as planned. The couple met back in 1997, but her parents refused to allow their daughter to marry a polygamist, even though she was going to be the first wife as he was not yet married to anyone at the time.

Despite everything that they went through in their past, they continue living happily married with their big family. Mayeni is one of the most favored wives of Musa Mseleku and a lot of people love her so much for her humanity and kind heart. This lovely lady currently shared remarkable pictures of herself looking absolutely stunning, her pictures left a lot of people appalled by her beauty and style. Share your views, like and kindly share.