Musa Mseleku Left Mzansi Impressed After He Helped This Man In Mnakwethu

Musa Mseleku Left Mzansi Impressed After He Did This To This Man In #Mnakwethu

Source: Hashtag #Mnakwethu twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode





Mzansi Is Left Happy After Musa Mseleku handled the last night episode in #Mnakwethu. For the fastest time #Mnakwethu fans and viewers have finally agreed that Musa Mseleku is the right person for this show.

A young man has left viewers talking after he asked the polygamy Musa Mseleku to heo him revealed the news to his wife. The latest episode of #Mnakwethu left everyone not happy after seeing 28-year-old young man and 18-year-old girl want to get into polygamy marriage. In the last episode we meet a 28-year-old young man who want another wife.

28-year-old young man named Juluka who is currently from KwaZulu-Natal but currently staying in Johannesburg, Orange Farm said that the situation at home is forcing him to take another wife. He said that he want another wife than an stay in village and take care of the land while he is on Johannesburg. He said that he wantbthe second wife to go to village and help the first wife.

Musa Mseleku asked him if his wife does visit his home or not. Musa Mseleku was finding it hard to understand him as some of the reasons that he was giving was not making sense. Musa also said it for himself that he is too young for polygamy marriage.

Juluka has not fully paid Lobola to Mamkhulu, his still owning and he is currently not working. Musa was also suprised to see a lady who has already to be a second wife. When Musa ask her age she was so shocked to see that se is 18 years old. Musa was disappointed after he saw that he is dealing with kids. He also said that the lady is still young and cannot handle two woman.

When Musa sees the first wife he was suprised that the first wife looks real. The first wife is so calm and she has much of a respect.

Do you think they are going to last in polygamous marriage as the three of them?