Musa Mseleku Learn more about the new wife

Musa mseleku comes clean about wife number 5.Musa mseleku finally decided to come clean to umamkhulu his first wife about there being a girlfriend that who could potentially be wife number 5.

Little to say umamkhulu was not anywhere near impressed about what he said.

Uthando ne sthembu star Musa mseleku is a man known for his controversies, his show mnakwethu and Uthando Nesthembu has caused a stir on social media and people has mouthful to say.

Musa went to visit MaCele Umamkhulu of the family, his visit was about him requesting mamkhulu to give up one of his sons in order to help the king of the region continue his legacy as the king has no boy child.

Mamkhulu quickly shut down his request and suggested he go somewhere else if he wants that.

Mseleku further said that he was seeing another woman behind his wife’s back and he would love to marry her so that she can become one of his wives.

With very little to say mamkhulu was not impressed at all by what babakhe had to say and further added “no matter how much he might undermine me, he will never tell me about his girlfriends.”Viewers saw that next with mamkhulu the 3rd wife will share the news with makhumalo and therefore MaKhumalo is very upset after hearing this.

Social media then attention Musa mseleku, saying to think they felt sorry for him but yet he deserves