Musa Mseleku Kick Her Daughter Out Of The House After She Did This In #Uthandonesthembu

Musa Mseleku Kick Her Daughter Out Of The House After She Did This

Source: Hashtag #Uthandonesthembu Twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161




Musa is kicking his child out of the house because she’s pregnant. Musa is disappointed by his daughter and he cannot hide it. Musa said he want nothing to do with Sne. He still processing the fact that she already have two kids and his already taking care one of her child and his also supporting her financially.

Musa is attacking MaCele for taking care of Sne. Musa want Sne to go back to her maternal family. He said he has it enough of her and he cannot continue supporting her. Musa said that she is taking the money his giving her and spend it with her boyfriend. The worse part is that she is pregnant for the third time from different fathers.

Mseleku forgets that Sne is not Macele’s child. MaCele is taking care of her because she loves her. Sne has become irresponsible when it comes to taking care of herself. She needs to work for her children and feel the hard feeling of being a single mother. MaCele and Musa have tried their best but she choose to go and fall pregnant.

Musa tried as much as a father would but she cant stop. Sne needs a wake up call. I hate that she acts like a victim. The man that she let impregnate her should take care of her. She is using the money that her father gives her to spend on her boyfriend. He has done enough taking care of the both of them now the baby daddy has to play his part.

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