Musa Mseleku Is Left In Tears After His Daughters Wrote This On His Birthday.

Musa Mseleku Is Left In Tears After His Daughters Wrote This On His Birthday




Musa Mseleku is a South African businessman who always find time to bond with his family. For the fist time, people were happy to see Musa spending so much time with his children. It’s not many times we get to see Musa with his kids due to his busy schedule. 

Musa Mseleku is known of having 4 wives, and girlfriends, he has businesses which always keeps him away from his kids but he still having time to be a father to kids is beautiful. What he did in the latest episode of #Uthandonesthembu has really impressed his fans and followers. 

It was Musa’s birthday and his wife’s had prepared get away of a family to celebrate his birthday. It was overwhelming to see the Mseleku’s family gathered together to celebrate his birthday. 

Musa Mseleku has love the message which was written by his kids. They said they wrote the message because they want to show him that they love him. They said that he is the best dad and no one can replaced him. It’s not a secrets that Musa Mseleku is a good father to his kids and they also love him. 

The Family of Mseleku is more beautiful and united now than before. Viewers can not help but notice the kind of relationship that Musa has with all the kids as oppose to Sne. He often interrogates, seldom asks about her goals, if shes genuinely happy. No one cares to dissect the motives behind her action