Musa Mseleku Is Left Defeated After The Behavior Of This Man In #Mnakwethu

Musa Mseleku Is Left Defeated After The Behavior Of This Man #Mnakwethu

Source: Hashtag #Mnakwethu Twitter page

The Polygamist and Mnakwethu host Musa Mseleku were left defeated in another hot episode of Mnakwethu in tv. For the first time we hearing Musa Mseleku saying a woman should leave. The lady walked out the minutes Musa walking in the room the lady already know what is Musa is doing in the room.

We have seen Musa Mseleku trying very hard to force a wife stay with a husband who is cheating on her. This episodes of #Mnakwethu has got everyone talking in social media as Musa Mseleku is trending on twitter.

There is a video of Musa Mseleku which is currently circulating in twitter. Musa Mseleku was seen assisting a man who want to introduce second wife to his first wife in #Mnakwethu.

The show has got everyone talking in twitter Bab’Mseleku doesn’t have bouncers, he never expected this wrestling match to ever happen in #Mnakwethu. For the first time we hear Musa saying that the lady should break up with him and her family to return back the lobola to his family.

In the first video we saw Musa Mseleku with the first wife who is showing his pictures in the phone. Apparently the man has been doing infidelity in front of their 2 years child. It is said that he is having more than 20 girls which his sleeping with. For the first time we saw Musa not forcing woman to accept the Polygamist marriage.

These man cheat on his wives, then go to Musa Mseleku and ask him to help facilitate the process to legitimize their infidelity. Musa have also admitted in one of the videos that it’s disgusting to watch the things that he did. Musa said that he is sleeping with anything that have two legs.

After this episodes mzansi is convinced that most of the men on this show don’t even deserve to be a husband. The girlfriends think being sidechicks means you’re special.