Musa Mseleku is a Proud Man

It seems like the head of the Mseleku family, Musa Mseleku is proud of his wives MaKhumalo and MaCele’s relationship.

A lot of people were impressed with the way MaKhumalo and MaCele’s relationship is flowing so smoothly, they are getting along and are happily doing things together. They even recently posed in matching outfits that MaKhumalo posted on her Instagram page.






Although some people on social media are not so much of fans of MaKhumalo and MaCele’s relationship because they think that they are faking and are just playing happy buddies together just for the public, I think it’s amazing to see women who are in a polygamous marriage so happy together.

To show that Musa is really proud of MaKhumalo and MaCele’s relationship, he shared a thoughtful message for both MaKhumalo and MaCele on his Facebook page.

“I was very young when I had a vision of being a polygamist, my grandmother Flo listened with a lot of interest to my so called far fetched dream. Today I can safely say in God we trust and one day we meet with my grandmother I will take these priceless moments with me and say Mams I delivered thanks to your prayers”, wrote Musa.