Musa Mseleku & His Wives Got Everyone Talking In Social Media After They Noticed This

Musa Mseleku & His Wives è Talking In Social Media After They Noticed This

Source: Hashtag #Uthandonesthembu twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode




The viewers of #Uthandonesthembu has love the latest episode. Mzansi has witness the love between Musa Mseleku, from his kids and his wife’s. Mzansi have love when his wives get along. Today’s episode was such a refreshing episode, more special when each of Musa’s wife was taking initiative to fulfilling their husband’s wish. And how MaCele is finally unapologetically owning her role to lead is impressive. 

Documenting this journey was really a great move for Mseleku more opportunities for him and wives whilst helping him to build unity. Viewers think that there’s always peace when Mseleku is not around. His Wife’s looks happy when he is not around. From the first time we were introduced to the Mseleko’s, we can see such a drastic change in their wives “love and tolerance” for each other. They even miss each other when they are not together. 

Today’s episode was just amazing except for the bedroom discussions while kids are also there. This was such a wholesome episode. Musa was spending time with his kids while playing soccer, the wives were bonding with each other then the family trip and birthday celebration happen later.

Sne is a child who is living with abnormalities genes. She is unbothered and unapologetic. Musa Mseleku’s wife were disappointed after MaCele told them about Sne’s third pregnancy. MaYeni, Makhumalo and MaNgwabe were left shocked. The Mseleku’s wife even suggested that Sne should put implant so that she no longer fall pregnant again.

MaCele has said that she always jokes around about Sne’s abnormalities in her genes and Musa has never taken her serious.