Musa Mseleku advises men who wants to lead a polygamous lifestyle

Musa Mseleku writes words of advice to men who desire to become polygamous. The businessman is famously known to be a polygamist, and he has gained greatly from it, especially with the reality show.
Taking to social media, Musa made it clear that the polygamous is a vision that is difficult to sell.

“A man that aspires to lead a polygamous lifestyle must without fail exercise the extreme level of patience, remember this is your vision it is a difficult one to sell. And loosing a wife it is a major loss especially to you as a vision carrier,” he wrote.





“There are times where you have to repeat yourself many times. This is not an easy journey you don’t have to convince and protect your wife but you have to win her to be on your side and understand your vision full simple because she has friends that needs to support her, she has a family that she has to face on your behalf, she has colleagues that she must put up with everyday, she has the church who will judge her every day, she has women who are abuse and going through divorce who will make reference into your situation. They will compare their marriages with yours,” he added.