Musa Mseleku Accepts And Maintains That Mpumelelo Should Bring Up His Youngest Along With The Mom

On the new episode of Uthando Nesthembu which broadcasted on Friday the 28th of September on DSTV channel 103, we saw the top of the Mseleku family, Musa Mseleku going for a stroll with his significant other MaYeni. While on their walk, the two chose to discuss Musa Mseleku’s child Mpumelelo.

They discussed his issue of getting hitched and furthermore paying harms. Mpumelelo has a girl with Vuyokazi, who is one of his two lady friends.

Musa Mseleku and MaYeni came to a choice that they would just compensation harms for the child since Musa Mseleku would rather not pay Lobola for Mpumelelo in light of the fact that they believe he should assume liability with regards to wedding his own better half.




On Musa Mseleku’s journal meeting, he uncovered that he believes Mpumelelo should get hitched to the mother of his kid and not impregnate another person in that frame of mind of playing.

“I maintain that Mpumelelo should pay Lobola for the mother of his child…they should bring up the kid together”, said Musa.

MaYeni on the other, hand actually believes that Mpumelelo us still youthful for marriage as she feels that life is a struggle.

“I think he is as yet youthful to do that, since life is a struggle”, said MaYeni.

I’m my viewpoint, I concur with MaYeni and I likewise believe that Mpumelelo isn’t yet mature enough for marriage obligations, he is still just 21 years of age. The thing Musa Mseleku said about Mpumelelo bringing up his own kid along with the mother is correct, the main issue is Mpumelelo getting hitched early on.

Do you believe that Musa Mseleku was on the whole correct to alter his perspective on paying loyola for Mpumelelo and what is your take on Mpumelelo getting hitched early in life?

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