Musa Khuwula tweets something dangerous about Cassper Nyovest’s son

Cassper Nyovest shares pictures on social media, and then Musa Khuwula comes with a huge accusation that would land him in hot water. It no longer surprises people who are following Musa because he is tweeting in a dangerous way. He was warned about it at first, but then nothing happened. DJ Sbu is someone who takes action, but he did nothing.

That may have given him more confidence, knowing that no one would come for him. He has tweeted not good about Lerato Kganyago’s calling her Bonang lite and she did not take it well. His followers also anticipate when he will tweet about something current and trending about someone famous. Tweets like those ones would end him up in court.




It is important because he would be having a court case about deformation of character while he is trying to entertain people on social media and his freedom of speech may be overexpressed. One thing that is advantageous about using is that, he remains not known at the moment or where he is situated.

His claims Cassper is not the father of his child without a proof and that is dangerous. Cassper has been quiet about it and has not responded to him. With Musa, he is against bad tweets. He was supporting Samke when she was fighting with Azola (Chris Excel) and now he is doing the same thing but from a different angle.