Musa Khawula Posted SK Khoza’s Parents Last Night And Got Dragged, See This

Usually, the followers of social media gossip-monger, Musa Khawula do not have a problem with a lot of things that he posts on his Twitter page.

But, last night, people talked about the necessity to know where to draw the line, Musa is the one who always bring people updates on some of the most entertaining celebrity stories.

And this is why he has a huge following, he gives people what they want, but he did the unexpected when he posted pictures of actor, SK Khoza’s parents.

So, the problem here is that, a lot of people mentioned that Musa took it too far when he decided to post pictures of the actor’s parents.

Some people mentioned that Musa does more harm than good and this is just one of many incidents and they actually called him out.

Now, the reason why some people had a problem with what Musa did is because the parents can easily be dragged into SK’s controversies.







It is not clear how Musa got the pictures, it could be that they were already on social media, probably on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

If that is the case, then one might say that this whole thing is just blown of proportion, but we should also remember that if the pictures were already on social media, then they were posted for other purposes, hence some people never knew about SK’s parents.

One could tell that this is the first time that a lot of people know about SK’s parents, some even mentioned how SK looks more like his mom.

You can tell by the reactions that a lot of people knew about the actor’s parents after Musa posted their pictures last night.

Musa needs to understand that this has become about what his followers want to see because it is not only just about the pictures, it is about what he said.

He mentioned that the parents have had enough of SK’s alleged drug abuse ways, but we do not know how true this is, Musa is not exactly a reliable source, people who have been following him for some time can attest to this.

SK probably does not have a problem with Musa posting about what he gets up to in his personal, but he might not like the fact that his parents are now dragged into all of this.

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