Musa Khawula comes for Thembisa Mdoda

Thembisa Mdoda celebrate her SAFTA award. Thembisa won the best presenter award shortly after her sister, Anele Mdoda couldn’t hide the joy, after seeing the series that she that she was an executive director on doing so well, It was number 2 (two) in South Africa, and number 10 in 11 countries on Netflix.

Everyone was so happy about the series as the content was amazing and the story line was unmatched. It gave different tribes a chance to speak their languages from Shona ,Afrikaans, English and etc.





According to Thembisa Mdodo’s tweet “Vukani am X2 SAFTA Award winner. Allegedly Musa Khawula retweeted her tweet and say “l also remember when you were married to Atandwa Kani telling him your twins were his after you had ho*d yourself and he divorced your a*s”

Apparently he doesn’t not want to see the Mdoda sister’s celebrating their success without him spoiling it for them. Clearly he is still holding grudge against Anele for saying that, net florist should deliver bouquet of flowers to Moshe Ndiki after Moshe Moered him allegedly.

According to Nota Baloi “paternity fraud should be punished with chemical sterilisation, we need to sentence guilty woman to a hysterectomy so they don’t repeat the offence after they get caught”