Musa drops more files about famous people in South Africa. Check what he has found about them

Musa Khawula continues to be the center of information about famous people in South Africa, from their lifestyles to letting the public know what is happening. He continued to be on the matter with Minnie Dlamini and Edwin Sodi, who had been in contact according to him, but it was not known to the rest of the public until the big man, Musa, was on top of it again.


“Rumour has it that Edwin Sodi and Minnie Dlamini have kept their relationship intact whilst Minnie Dlamini-Jones was married. It is also said that his private jet was used for Minnie Dlamini and her friends’ entertainment. “What it is making more people believe that Musa is on the right track is that later on his news is being confirmed.”

Many people are supporting Musa because at the moment there could be something interesting happening or it has happened with famous people in the country. He is the most popular person at the moment to keep people informed about what is going on in South Africa, and he does not want to drop the ball. Many people have been attempting to piece together Minnie’s lifestyle.




They have shared on social media what Musa has tweeted and are trying to make it possible if that is the reason. Another thing is that people are not happy with Mr. Sodi because they believe that he is chewing tax payers money for lease and it comes as a surprise from him to have a private jet to the public. It means that Edwin is really a man with a huge bank balance.


As it goes on, it will come to light if Khuwula was having the right information about Minnie Dlamini and Edwin Sodi, or if he needs to link up with Gigi Lamayne, who has promised to help Musa to have factual news about the news he is sharing on his social media account. It is what he does all the time, everyday.