Murdha Bongz and DJ Zinhle leave fans mushy as they goof around in recent pictures.

If there’s a one thing that will make you appreciate your partner, is a wedding. Just seeing two people coming together to celebrate their love will make you mushy. It is a beautiful experience especially when you are experiencing it with someone that you love. DJ Zinhle tried something different when she did her reality show The Unexpected. She allowed her fans to see her day to day life and also that of her family. Season two of the show saw her revealing that Murdha Bongz paid lobola for her. Their love story is one of the cutest ever.



The couple attended DJ Zinhle’s brother’s wedding at their home. Murdha shared cute pictures of him and his beautiful wife. As always he was making her laugh with whatever he was telling her. We love how they always find it easy to goof around. Their fans couldn’t stop gushing over the couple. Love definitely looks great on them.