Murdah Bongz’s Springboks wild celebrations go viral

South African DJ Murdah Bongz’s wild celebrations after the Springboks win get Mzansi talking.

Murdar Bongz is well known for his vibes, and what he did only reminded fans of his character.

The talented DJ had been trolled several times by fans saying he was not man enough.All this negativity did not stop him; he only continued dancing and enjoying himself.

This time, he went wild, celebrating the Springboks’ win, spinning on the couch and running around the house.

Indeed, nobody can blame Murdah, given the intensity of the final and how much the All Blacks gave all.It was a close contest defined by a small margin favouring South Africa.

Sharing on his Instagram, Murdah Bongz spoke of how happy he was that South Africa is the champion.



“I REPEAT, WE WON THE RWC 2ö23 (back2back)n his first video, Murdah Bongz was dancing a funny dance that impressed Makhadzi.
“ morda wa Rona this is my new dance move I have been practicing ”

On the other video, he took it at the final whistle, standing as he could not wait for the ref to end the game.

As the referee ended the match, he went wild, running around the room and even climbing on top of things.