Murdah Bongz takes DJ Zinhle and Kairo Forbes out

South African DJ Murdah Bongz took his wife, DJ Zinhle and her daughter Kairo Fobes on a family outing.

It was a thrilling evening for the three celebs who are always in the headlines.Murdah had been playing a great dad since the death of AKA, and he is still doing it.

Many fans have questioned his position as a man, but it seemed he ignored all the talk.

He took them out for playing this time, and fans loved it.

Sharing on his Instagram, Murdah Bongz had not many words but to express his love.

Even though some fans asked where other kids were kike Asante, many fans were impressed by Murdah’s gesture.

“Lord, please hear my prayer. May you please me with a man like Mordah, forever minding his business and busy loving his family. drama-free nje. Zinhle you are blessed”“Thank you for loving kairo abuti 🥰🙏❤️may God add many more years to your life ur truly a blessing 🙌 🙏 💖”

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“Is there anything that fails Kairo though? That young lady excell in everything she does 🔥🔥🔥 she went for single wheels while Parents went for double.❤️ She’s the Beast Vumani🙌”

“You are a real inspiration to all men and families. God bless you over and over again. Let God and love always lead.”A GREAT FATHER TO KAIRO FORBES
Many fans had been worried since AKA passed on whether Kairo Forbes would have a father.

Surprisingly, Murdah Bongz rose to the occasion and had been doing even more than fans expected.

Murdah’s family outing with DJ Zinhle and Kairo Forbes is a testament that he is doing it, taking Kairo out and being a father figure.

AKA’s fans are praising him, and it is all that fans love to see.

It even seemed that most women dream of marrying a man like Murdah Bongz.

He is a rare breed that is not easy to get, and he showed it with this family outing.