Murdah Bongz shares cute moment between his girls Kairo and Asante, while she feeds her.

Loving someone means loving everything that they come with. That includes their insecurities and many other things. You can’t claim to love someone if you can’t accept them as they are and love all of them. It’s very rare to find such a person that will love you unconditionally that’s why most people hold on tight to them when they find them.

Murdah Bongz has always lived a private life. So much that people rarely shared anything about him unless it was related to Black Motion. Lately because of love, he has been opening up and that’s all thanks to our favourite DJ Zinhle. They are one of our serious couple in Mzansi, head over heels in love with each other.

He has welcomed her first daughter Kairo as his and loves her very much. He has shared a cute moment between Kairo and Asante, with Asante in her arms being fed her milk.