Murdah Bongz hangs out with DJ Zinhle’s little brother and brother-in-law.

A marriage is much more than about a couple. But two families coming together and being one. Your partner’s parents and siblings become yours and everything about them, even their dog. That’s what marriage means. That’s why it is important to get along with your family members in order to have a peaceful and happy life.





DJ Zinhle has always been vocal about her stand on marriage. She made it clear it wasn’t her boyfriend Murdah Bongz but her not wanting to get married. Even with that, they have been happy and enjoying their lives.

Murdah Bongz is close with her siblings so much that her younger brother posted a picture of him, Murdah and their big sister’s husband. They are laughing in one of the pictures, showing that they are having the time of their lives. We can’t wait for season 2 of her reality show, where it seems he paid lobola for her.