Murdah Bongz hangs out with Busiswa’s baby daddy, leaving their fans speechless.

To make life more comfortable and enjoyable, having a good friend who is also involved in the profession in which you work is quite vital. It works out even better because you get to go to work and do all those other things together, which is what helps some relationships become stronger.


Murdah Bongz is known for his ability to connect with others. Perhaps he is able to do that because the nature of his profession requires him to interact with a diverse range of people. He is a member of Black Motion, but in addition to that, he is pursuing a career as a solo artist. In order to launch a successful profession, he is putting in a lot of effort. So far, he has performed at a few different gigs.

He is very good friends with the DJ who is the father of the artist Busiswa’s child, Kaygee the vibe. Kaygee has posted images of the two of them together, and it always looks like they are having a great time with one another. Their followers couldn’t get enough of their photographs. Murdah’s constant chatter is one of his most notable characteristics. And that never fails to leave folks in fits of laughter.