Multimillionaire MaMkhize Left Mzansi In Tears After He Did This To Zola7. have started showing some love to Zola and we are here for it. From Dj Cleo to MaMkhize and Andile Mpisane with love and hope. We are happy to see Zola getting help.

I must say that life is for the living, may we give respect where is due, Zola7 made a mark in people’s life and many people benefited from his life. So let’s celebrate him while he is still alive. DJ Cleo and Mamkhize the support has started…. I hope it doesn’t stop on this pictures it continues untill he’s back.

Mamkhize is our fairy godmother. Dr Shawn Mkhize is a woman of many talents with a heart of Gold. Mamkhize responded to the call to help Zola 7 where many have failed. Rich people who assist you and take pictures must be appreciated, they deserve our support. Unsubstantiated Social media sympathy is meaningless. We support #MamKhize And Andile. I wouldn’t give Mamkhize a title for president I think that position is filled with dirty tricks. She must be Mama Africa like Winnie.


Zola is in a Bentley, something he has always wanted. One of his dreams. Yet he is still thinking about everyone else. Telling us to go fill up because petrol is going up tonight(which is not true). Zola really looks unwell. So disappointing that it took an influencer to nudge people in the right direction. I hope he fully recovers so that he gets to smell his flowers. Black Twitter can be a powerful movement. Zola he deserves the best grootman you are the true legend bring Back Zola 7.

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead. From the beginning there was no terms and conditions of who should help him. Lastly we pray for this help to last him forever.