Multimillionaire MaMkhize Left Her Fans Stitched After She Shows Off Her Expensive Life

Mzansi Is always impressed with the life of Durban and reality TV star famously known as MaMkhize. Shauwn Mkhize is a South African, Durban businesswoman who have been trending since she got divorced to her husband Sbu Mpisane. MaMkhize was once married and got divorced and now she is living her life.

I was caught stitched after I came across her one of her video on her Instagram page. I must say I really do admire her lavish and expensive life that she is living. She is old and loving her dream life. Looking back she is coming from, typical her marriage. She is looking beautiful and better than the time she was married. She is a busy woman but she always make sure that she make time to relax. This weekend she went out to Limpopo as part of her exploration the Limpopo province.

When it comes to life and traveling MaMkhize does not forget to show her fans what she’s up to. She recently took it to her page where she let her fans about her whereabouts.


With caption: “I’m Off to the next destination…proud Zulu girl is on the move yet again. I’ll keep you updated on my whereabouts soon but for now we Off” she wrote.

Some people have been saying that she is showing off because Everytime she do something she post it in social media. MaMkhize is a busy woman but she always makes sure that she plan her thing. She never allowed herself to miss any opportunity that may came of her way. She also revealed her one trick why she’s always ready for anything and everything and how she never allow herself to miss any opportunity.

With caption: ” Planning is important but being spontaneous also goes a long way. My trick is that I stay ready for anything and everything. If you stay ready you will never miss opportunities that may knock on your door” she wrote.

The Durban businesswoman is one of multiillionaire in Dublin and she is a proud of being a Zulu. She is living expensive life because she is working hard to make sure that she have a better life for her and her kids.

MaMkhize has promised to tell her fans about her next short left.