Mulimisi Is Yet Back With Another Deep Prophecy#Muvhango

Mulimisi is yet back with another deep prophecy

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Muvhango is a show where all the drama seems to be happening every week,it is where things happen and many people love to see all this drama because some of them are a lesson to many lives .

The story line of Nomasonto and Rosemary ended with a bang and then Gugu came along with remix to the story line.



She is now a pregnant woman ,as she told Azwindini and the family that she is not feeling well at all and that she might be pregnant.

Indeed she started having morning sicknesses and vomited in front of vho-masindi and Makhadzi,however they all are questioning themselves if the child is Azwindini’s.

Gugu said it seems like she convinced before she was taken to the asylum.

What if the child belongs to vutshilo?

Tonight on muvhango,they went to Mulimisi to consult about the matter and then it seems like there is trouble .

Because Mulimisi says that the umblicord will not be buried .

It seems like there is truly trouble indeed.

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