Mukuna… Is No More.

Joe Kazadi is a well- known renowned actor, television and media personality and a model. You may mostly know him for his amazing and remarkable work that he is making in the entertainment industry. He is also mostly known for his appearances on the South African drama shows The Queen as Thabiso and Uzalo as Phillipe. He is also known for the most current endeavour, Scandal!, portraying Mukuna.

Joe Kazadi started working on Scandal! portraying Mukuna, for months now and has been loved and seen since then.




After months of playing the Mukuna role, it is time for Joe to release this character. It has been shown on screen as Mukuna made his departure on Scandal!. This is what he had to say: ”I received the news of playing MUKUNA in November 2021 and immediately I cancelled my holiday plans and focys ob reading scripts. It’s was easy when we resumed work cz I knew most of my lines and all I had to do was make them my own than get in character. Ne jamais trahir Le congo! Chris Kazadi always said, ”DO A GOOD JOB”. Thank you Scandal! and all the beautiful fans of scandal”.

Many fans and viewers did not expect this and were happy to see him prosper. A fan wrote, “Also thanks to your acting and scandal on the awareness of human trafficking”.

You have done your job Joe. We now wish you nothing but success on your upcoming endeavours Joe and we will see you soon. Big ups to you.