Mukosi pleads help from supporters for lawyers| A record label allegedly closes her doors to success

Mukosi is a South African artist and a performer from Venda in the Limpopo province who was introduced to the South African music industry after she was featured on a hit song Ghanama by King Monada, this feature did not sit well with many South Africans as they were saying she is trying to be Makhadzi.

Due to her sounding like Makhadzi and performing almost like her she gained a lot of hatred from Makhadzi’s suppoters, but that did not stop her from making music until she was signed by a record label.

Mukosi took to Facebook and TikTok to ask for donations from her followers for lawyers, it is alleged that her record label no longer do promotions nor marketing as promised from the beginning of the contract and also the record label allegedly don’t allow her to perform nor get booked for events anymore.

It is alleged that the record label also prohibited her from releasing an album which had 49 tracks.

This is how Facebook reacted to this news: