Mshoza’s Family Denied Access to her Children

The late Nomasonto “Mshoza” Maswanganyi who was popular for her hit song “Kortes” passed away last year November. Her music resonated with a lot of people in the township. She took kwaito music to another level.

However it seems like since she passed on, her family has faced a lot of challenges. They don’t have peace.

Mshoza left behind 2 children who are aged 13 and 11. They were taken away by Mshoza’s ex-partner Jacob Mnisi.

He took them to boarding school in Witbank.

Mshoza’s family is not happy about what is Happening because they are struggling to get access to the children.

Jacob Mnisi got married to the kwaito artist back in 2017. However their union didn’t last for a long time .

Mshoza fell in love with another partner after Mnisi.

In November she passed away.

According to a source Mshoza’s sister Thandi Maswangani confirmed that the 2 children were taken couple weeks after Mshoza’s funeral. They gave the children away because they didn’t have enough income.

She complain that it is near impossible to see the children, whenever she attempted to visit them.

They don’t have a cell phone.





When they try to phone Mnisi’s son the calls gets ignored.

They tried to get the location but their effort proved fruitless.

They have struggled to see the kids since 2020 a month after the funeral.

Mnisi has confirmed the story to be true. However he is adamant that’s they have turned the kids against him. He did what he had to do.

Mnisi said the family were spreading lies about him saying that he did not pay school fees.

Mnisi has denied these rumors and confirmed that he is paying the school fees.

He is willing to let Mshoza’s family see there children, if they are willing to stop spreading lies about him.

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