Mseleku Tells MaNgwabe That She’s Selfish see what she says






We have always known that Mseleku’s relationship with MaNgwabe is different, that is one of the reasons why we have the highlight moments. They constantly argue about something, there was that one time when the two laughed together on the show and that was a shock to a lot of viewers, which is weird because they cannot always disagree with one another.

That happened, but we never saw it happen again, and this has had people asking some questions, there is probably something deep that we do not know about.

What we know is that, one of the reasons why they do not see eye to eye is because MaNgwabe is not afraid to challenge Mseleku’s opinions. She tells him when she disagrees and that is actually how it should be, but then again, men are men, what MaNgwabe does to Mseleku bruises his ego and he does not like that at all.

Viewers might have noticed that, the other wives do not tend to go back and forth with Mseleku, they kind of let him take the lead, even though it is clear that they do not agree with him.

But, that is them, and MaNgwabe is MaNgwabe, she does her thing and she barely cares what anyone thinks. Another thing is that, MaNgwabe only disagrees with something if she has a very good reason why she disagrees, she is mostly logical about things, she says it as it is, she is very direct when it comes to Mseleku.

And people confuse this with disrespect, MaNgwabe respects Mseleku, there has never been an instance where she insulted Mseleku.

She is just brutally honest and some people hate her for that, which is totally fine, as long as she is speaks her truth, that is what matters. This week’s episode was very interesting, there was some tension between MaCele and MaNgwabe, but all in all, everyone got along well.

It was just beautiful to see everyone come together, this might be a sign that the Mseleku family has not given up, they are doing all they can to show that love always wins.

But, unfortunately, it seems like there will be another switch up, there is a scene where Mseleku tells MaNgwabe that she is selfish and this was in the presence of the other wives.

Now, it got heated, MaNgwabe was not going to let Mseleku tell her she is selfish, she told him that he is also selfish and it looked like that argument was only starting, we will get to see what happened in the next episode.