Mseleku Angers Mnakwethu Viewers – He is Accused of being Insensitive

Mnakwethu watchers are breathing fire and are taking steps to thrash Musa Mseleku, as they blame him for being coldhearted towards the spouses on the famous Mzansi Magic unscripted TV drama.

Mnakwethu follows men who need Mseleku’s assistance to persuade their spouses to acknowledge polygamy, with changing levels of achievement. At times, ladies can’t help contradicting their spouses and Mseleku should direct them into moving toward the solicitation with a beseeching tone.

Ladies on Twitter are smouldering and they maintain that different ladies should pummel her once he draws near.

“We should standardize beating Musa Mseleku and the team when they enter our homes #Mnakwethu”

“Only one day… these spouses ought to sjambok Musa, the group, the husband and the side chicks. They’re extremely rude #Mnakwethu”

“#Mnakwethu Ladies, when you see Mseleku going into your home don’t allow him to sit. Get a brush and pursue him out in addition to the refined man he’s with. Try not to sit and tune in 😅😅😅

“Mseleku is the substance of shock now. Their way to deal with polygamy is unbelievably self-centered and rude,” one watcher tweeted.

“I anticipated that Mseleku should play a greater amount of a warning job than simply going with these young men. He’s beginning to seem to be that companion who’s simply a sidekick – makes him look bad. #Mnakwethu”

“Mseleku will say a man doesn’t have legitimate explanations behind sthembu despite everything go, make her cry, proceed and continue on bringing the sweetheart around. #Mnakwethu,”





“Musa is so uncaring. I truly can’t completely accept how unconcerned he is over the spouses’ sentiments. He gives these men such a lot of power to bring torment. However long he conveyed the message, it was fabulous. #mnakwethu.”

Known for areas of strength for him in regards to polygamy, Mseleku is notable for his deeply felt sees regarding the matter. Regardless of having four spouses, the financial specialist needs to take on another.

It has been hard for the polygamist to persuade his spouses to permit him to take another wife, however, he told TshisaLIVE he really wants their aggregate endorsement before he can take another wife.

“I have assembled various conferences both as an aggregate and exclusively, I’ve communicated the inclination that the solicitation has been dismissed. I will probably continue introducing exactly the same thing another way or convince, up until I get an aggregate understanding it might be said that everybody is blissful about it since I wouldn’t maintain that anybody should leave me as a result of that choice,” he told the distribution.

As per him, on the off chance that he was doing it the prior way, he would have quite recently told them, yet presently he really wants their consent first. “I’m requesting that my spouses permit me to take a fifth wife, it’s presently not an inquiry to me. I’m only hanging tight for them to say OK or no. Furthermore, I’m doing it the advanced way. Assuming it was previously, I’d be letting them know that I’m taking,” he said.