Mrs Madlala from Uzalo looks different in real life, take a look at some of her pictures

When people ask me about my profession, I usually stress that acting is just that and that the person you portray isn’t always who you are. If you’d like to see how Mrs. Gladys Madlala of Uzalo actually seems, I’ve included some photos.

For the record, her given name is Ntombifuthi Dlamini. Noticing how On Uzalo’s wigs just serve to accentuate her advanced years, do you? See how fresh and lovely she is in these actual photographs of her. View the images below:

Do you agree that she has a very different appearance in person? It’s hard to think that this amazing actress used to work as a maid.






Getting a haircut was something you probably didn’t expect to see her do. You, sir, just did. I’m not saying she isn’t a churchgoer, and I’m certainly not trying to imply that she isn’t, but I am trying to explain the nature of acting and the possibility that one’s on-screen and off-screen identities are not always the same

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