Mreksa From Generations Actor Wowed Mzanzi with His Fantastic Style Feel Looking Handsome, Check.


The first and most important rule of men’s style is you should feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. A suit that fits increases your confidence and makes you look good. Regardless of how classy or expensive they might be. The one stunning suit that strikes that balance comes in a rich ducky pink and it’s got just enough substance and just enough swagger. That’s probably why we’ve seen every stylish guy in social media embrace it this summer. They also know that looking great in a suit is about being yourself, not playing a character.


Kope Makgae is a South African multi-award winning Actor and Artist famous for his significant contribution role as Mrekza on Generations The Legacy. He knows how to grind, having started out selling Kota sandwiches to his high-school friends. All this is in a bid to fund his studies. He goes on to catering and starts making curtains for nursing homes. Anything to make him get a seat in the entertainment industry. With his spoils, he graduated with a BA in media and communications from the University of Limpopo. After joining a modelling and acting agency, the rest is history.

The talented and dedicated actor has also been featured in the first season of the telenovela inKaba in 2012. He plays a recurring role of Gunsten ‘Gus’ Moloi, a witty, appealing hustler who always rides solo. Gus wants a better life but isn’t prepared to put in the grind to get it, so he keeps trailing off back into crime.

He is a stylish young man who has been making heavyweight in the entertainment industry. He loves to rock stunning suits that looks absolutely fantastic on her. Undoubtedly, a man’s suit is the most versatile and universally accepted clothing item in his wardrobe. There are not many occasions where a quality suit will look out of place. The suit can easily become the cornerstone of any man’s style when worn with confidence and some fashion know-how. Please comment below, like the article and don’t forget to hit the offer button.