Mr X Left Mzansi Talking In Social Media After He Did This In #XRepo

Mr X Left Mzansi Talking In Social Media After He Did This In #XRepo


Source: Hashtag #XRepo twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode




This has to be the funniest and peaceful episode ever. Mr #XRepo is feeling himself in this episode. I love X so much. He’s personally is the best. Mr X is enjoying this part of speaking Setswana. Hoping the rest of the industry can see him. Hoping for more presenting gigs for him.

So Meneer will not be driving on the 19th when schools reopen because the #Xrepo reposses the car after failed to pau the lady the remaining balance of R10 000. Probably, they both spent more money on lawyers than the R10k that is outstanding.

The meneer who took a Old lady’s Car on #Xrepo should’ve revealed himself because X mentioned his name and Surname so thre was no need him to himself in a room. I like how X is handling Sir Reputation. How do you hire a lawyer instead of paying the lady.

The lady sell a car for 30k when a dealership had offered to give her 45k for it. Dealership offered 45k and she sold it to that man for 30k?? This lady saw drama and decided to call #Xrepo to assist her because she failed to get the principal to pay the remaining amount of R10k. After if it was not enough he even had protection order again her to avoid not paying the money he owes the lady.

To those who still want to sell car to ordinary people, ha r to think twice of something like this can happen in future. When the still desperate the said they go and pay and when they runout ot money they keep quiet and some even got lawyers to Intermediate so that they don’t pay the remaining balance. He even hide t proves that he thought they lady will not do anything.