Mr X Left Mzansi Happy After He Helped This Man After They Did This To His Car In #XRepo

Mr X Left Mzansi Happy After He Helped This Man After They Did This To His Car In #XRepo

Source:Hashtag #XRepo Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157


Mr X as left his fans happy in #Xrepo. The episode has got people talking about what he did to the people who to him seeking help after mechanic refused to give them their car back. Mr X will let you talk with your attitude while the gate is locked but once he’s inside he’ll show you who’s boss and you’ll be humbled.

Sibusiso was involved in an accident and crushed into the wall with his car. Apparently towner of the wall who is a mechanic took the car as their agreement thay they will fix the wall and the window but now the mechanic is refusing to give Sibusiso the car back.

The mechanic is refusing with the car and he has protection order against him. The level of disrespect from this man is very high. He cannot talk to people nice but his sly. Mr X now uses lawyers to ensure he’s on the right side of the law. Followers like that there’s a legal advisor on #XRepo to explain legal terms, they are not here to play. We like the fact that X is focused. He goes there to complete the mission and nothing else.

We can say as a nation we needed @MojaLoveTv #XRepo. While some of their show seem extreme, we really needed some of these show. People are being abuse, harrassed and take advantage of others because there is no justice system nor police officers.

Some police need proper training on dealing with crime. Statements they write are shocking. They must allow people reporting a crime or opening a case to write their own statements. This case exposes how our law enforcement officials fail at basic things.

The level of disrespect is real in this country hence one needs to own a pistol, I mean look now what they’ve done to a car they don’t even own. Imagine getting your car back in such condition, the engine completely stripped. He didn’t want to give them their car because he is busy stripping the car, his attitude will one day land him in trouble.