Mr X hosted a very calm show on Uyajola9/9 last night and viewers were left impressed

He is getting good at this…

Mr X hosted one of the Uyajola9/9 episode last night. The episode was good and not loud like it always is. Mr X made sure that they resolve all the differences in a matured manner as adults. It was a really good episode.


People were complaining last week about how this show violates people’s rights, but Mr X hosted the best one. The women on the episode did not fight, they explained how they started dating and why the husband was cheating.

If Mr X continues to host this show, there will be less fights. People will not be complaining on social media. Some might find it less entertaining because there will be no fights. I have to say that Mr X saved the show last night. Jubjub is also a good host but I think he would have taken it vey far.