Mr Smeg continues to cause a stir on social media. Check the pictures and comments

Michael Bucwa, famously known as “Mr. Smeg,” has been having many people confused because they are not able to understand his way of lifestyle. He loves going out with anyone who will accept him going out for lunch with him and people were not worried at first. It has changed since the moment he started tweeting “Thuli P is beautiful” and we were left wondering of what was happening.


Mr. Smeg loves the good times and being a social media influencer had to come with a lot of influence. But then other people are convinced that all of those people that he has been tweeting that they are beautiful and taking them out for lunch. He is actually getting paid since he is an influencer. They don’t believe that’s actually his way of enjoying life.

The moment he starts tweeting about someone being beautiful, followers are already drawing their conclusions. From how it looks, he does not want to stop because it is about beauty on social media and it should be fun. It can’t all the time be about people dragging one another. He is not evolved in bashing other people, even though he will be bashed at some point.





Thuli Phongolo is a DJ and maybe they could work out something if they ever meet. He could ask her out for lunch, which would not be a surprise, and Gigi Lamayne was happy to meet him because she learnt a lot from him. She had a different way of life as she tweeted about what they were talking about during their fascinating time at The Hangawt.

Even though they are being dragged, they are still enjoying life in the best way possible. At the moment, Twitter investigators have not checked Mr. Smeg’s price tag on his clothes and it will get there as time goes on. He enjoys being around trending topics, and if it gets to that point, he will undoubtedly appreciate it. He does not like being dragged around by someone.