Mr Left Mzansi Happy After He Helps This Woman In #XRepo After This Happened

Mr Left Mzansi Happy After He Helps This Woman In #XRepo After This Happened

Source: Hashtag #SingleAndMingle Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode




Mzansi has been feeling sorry for a woman who made a laybye in 2019 and only finish payment in May 2022. Apparently there was a delay is from 2019 or May 2022 .

The latest episode of #XRepo has got everyone talking in social media after failing to understand the issue with delivery because all of the windows are already there.

Finally she got her windows in #XRepo after there has been alot for miscommunication for about 3 years. This show exposes how people are being taken advantage of by businesses, Gogo has paid over R29000, yet she’s fighting daily just to get her windows.

Viewers has been saying how are we ever going to achieve this economic transformation thing when our SMEs run thier businesses in such an appalling manner. #XRepo Viewers think that the lady in store could have chosen to support Build ware house or CTM, but chose a black business owned. She has been paying her lay-bye from.2019 and she has been taken for granted.

Apparently the business owner on this episode was wrong but top marks for her reaction. Her humility diffused the situation. This lady is a real business woman, she humbled herself and apologized. This lady is trying to do damage control because she’s on tv. The woman was not aware that the client paid up her lay-bye.

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