Mr Kgomo threatens to fire Celia after visiting her struggling husband, will be expose their secret


On Skeem-Saam drama a lot has been happening lately, the principal stepped down while Mr Mahongwa is struggling with eyesight back at home. It is unknown how Celia is going to deal with the threats from his boss back at work.







After seeing how serious Mr Kgomo is about firing her from work. He went as far as visiting her house to check on her husband making sure that he has a reason to invite social workers over to take Mahongwa from his home to the shelter. Kgomo invited Celia to his office today giving her a letter that states that she is no more part of the hospital, news that Celia was never ready to hear with her own ears. What surprised viewed is the fact that Kgomo smiled back after hearing Celia say she will do whatever he wants to secure her position.

The smile alone said it all that Kgomo was not really after her job, instead he wanted a weakness in her to surprise viewed with his intentions. Do you think Celia will fall for the trap, what could have caused Kgomo to go to her house. Leaving your comments below will be appreciated do not forget to share this article.