Mr Kgomo Left Happy After Paxton Made It In The Competition But See What Will Happen To Him


Paxton Kgomo was all over Mosebjadi when they were in the middle of composing for the brief tale rivalry. He wound up taking Mosebjadi’s work and he had 2 stories to submit. Paxton storyline disturbs numerous watchers since they figure Mosebjadi will experience very much like Leshole used to.

They say this storyline isn’t propelling the people who come from the under favored foundations to work harder in light of the fact that all their persistent effort will go to no end. I need to concur that Mosebjadi tried sincerely and she wanted the cash and the PC. Skeem Saam truly failed here and they need to do things right or they will lose watchers.





Paxton is a harasser and this storyline lets individuals know that domineering jerks are consistently victors which isn’t correct. Mosebjadi will peruse her story in a news paper and she will see that the story has a place with her, nobody will trust her.

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