Mr Kgomo Left Disappointed After He Knows Everything About What His Son Doing See What Will Happen

The new season of Skeem saam introduced new faces which included Paxton Kgomo. Since Paxton appeared at Turfloop high the school has gone to a marketplace, the youthful individual has no respect for anyone not even himself. Paxton is a 21 year old in grade 8 while his colleagues are in universities.

His latest stunt turned Mr Magongwa outwardly debilitated and landed him in clinical facility. This anyway is apparently the Tbose storyline he moreover is a spoilt scoundrel and his people almost disguised the way that Tbose killed a man unexpectedly. Perharps every one of its people assignment to protect their child anyway they should be changed and face the results of their exercises.





The Kgomos are satisfied people Mr Kgomo runs the clinical facility like a prison he has no respect for his laborers and regards himself. Perharps Paxton is an impression of his people. Mrs Kgomo has taken as a general rule that perhaps his youngster is locked in with the event anyway she’s chosen to cover reality.

This then, gets a handle on why Paxton is still in optional school, he has noxious gatekeepers who’ve similarly made him an unsafe youngster. Perharps gatekeepers are learninh that what they raise their children has a mean for on their direct locally.

This storyline is a teacher to gatekeepers, they need to investigate their sustaining skills, as a matter of fact.

Thankful for inspecting; the subjects that have been introduced here are open for helpful turn of events and essential assessments. It would be staggeringly huge if you would pass on a remark under and conceded the post to in any case various individuals as you feel happy with doing in that limit.