Mr Kgomo kept quiet when Celia wanted to kill Alfios. Thobakgale is blamed for Magongwa’s blindness

Mr Kgomo is not fair to Principal Thobakgale. If only he knew the truth he wouldn’t be busy getting angry for nothing. There has been rumours circulating around Turf High School that Mr Magongwa is temporarily blind. The rumours were spread by the one and only Paxton Kgomo. The principal heard them, Paxton and his friends, talking about it and during her meeting with the SGB committee they asked her about Magongwa’s condition and she told them that he is temporarily blind. While she was talking, Celia entered the room and asked them where they got the information from because it was confidential but they did not say that it was Paxton.


Celia went to hospital to tell Mr Kgomo that Thobakgale is spreading confidential information about her husband being blind. They all blamed Elizabeth. Little did they know that Mr Kgomo is the one who is giving confidential information without his knowledge. By the time they realize that both their kids, Mahlatse and Paxton, are the ones to blame they will be disappointed and embarrassed. Source: