Mr Kgomo is disappointed after discovering that his son is the one who shared Magongwa’s information

Mr Kgomo feels disappointed after discovering that Paxton Kgomo was the one who told his schoolmates about Alfred Magongwa’s information, because she was blaming Elizabeth Thobakgale thinking that she is the one who told her mother, now he might find himself in a serious trouble if Elizabeth Thobakgale take steps against him, remember to reveal patients information it dangerous things that could make an employee to lose Job.

Mr Kgomo encourage his employees not to share patients information, but knowing very well that he also shares it with his family, now his job is in danger because he was threatening to fire Elizabeth Thobakgale, and Celia Kunutu also need Mr Kgomo to take an action against Elizabeth Thobakgale for telling her mother about Alfred Magongwa.




The only thing that could help Mr Kgomo is to apologize to Elizabeth Thobakgale so that Elizabeth Thobakgale could not take actions against him.

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