Mr Kgomo is covering Paxton’s bad behavior instead of disciplining him

Mr Kgomo is enabling Paxton’s behavior. Mrs Kgomo told Obed that the time she told him that Paxton put her wig in the washing machine, she was lying. She told him that she found him mixing her wig with chemicals. She showed him the wig. He was scared because the same colour that was in the wig was also on Magongwa’s hair. He knew that Paxton was responsible for Magongwa’s incident. He did not want to report him.


Instead of disciplining his son, Mr Kgomo wants to cover all his tracks. He doesn’t want him to be found, but he doesn’t know that there were witnesses. He went to the school to ask for a transfer letter because he knows that his son will be found guilty if the police kept on investigating the matter. He just had to move him to Joburg. Principal told him that she will bring the transfer letter to him as soon as she gets time.