Mpumelelo Mseleku Vows to Surpass His Father’s Polygamous Legacy

Mpumelelo recently shared his plans to continue his father’s tradition of having multiple wives during an open discussion on The Venting Podcast. However, he plans to modernize the practice.

Mpumelelo expressed his wish to be able to meet the emotional and financial requirements of several women, realizing that polygamy is not just about money or custom.


He revealed, “We have a lot of girlfriends, and then there would be one woman you choose to take home to introduce to the family. It’s crucial to date and get to know many women before making a life-long commitment, as betrayal can be devastating.”

Mpumelelo insisted that his decision was not influenced by his father, despite his unabashed love for women.

He admitted, “I love women.If I was doing this for my father, I wouldn’t be able to continue. I love the lifestyle, and I am determined to pursue it. The number of wives I plan to have will surpass my father’s, but that’s a secret for now.”