Mphowabadimo looked beautiful last night, click here to see

Mpho is what everyone talks about these days. She has transformed her look since she won the BiG Brother competition. She motivates her followers and encourages them to do better. Mpho is definitely a true leader. She attended last night show at the Dstv Viewers Choice where they were announcing the nominations. I have to say that one day she will be one of the most influential and the most loved celebrities.

Mpho is focused on the doing both the entertainment industry work and her calling. I think she has gained more clients now that she is a celebrity.

Mpho deserved to win because she definitely dis understood the game. She supports her friend Nthabi from Big Brother, they are now the best of friends. Mpho is currently focused on her dreams.

Mpho is currently not dating anyone, and fans cannot wait to see her finding somebody to love. Some of her fans are saying that she should focus on building her career which includes becoming a musician. Her fans have been asking her that when she will record her song that she used to sing on the Big Brother Mzansi house.

Fans have seen Mpho’s talent of becoming a presenter on Big Brother during the tasks that they were doing, they helped her to like the career even more.

Many brands will love to work with her, especially her new look is what will bring big brands to her. Mpho is now the new talent.