MphoWaBadimo impresses as she presents during DSTV Multichoice Viewers Choice Awards

Mphowabadimo is the Big Brother “Beke Le Beke” season 3 winner and admits been quite a ride watching her win! She’s proven that she isn’t just a pretty face and instead, is ready to dominate the industry. Her relationship with fellow housemate Themba Broly has been in the news lately.

However, all eyes were on her last night as she showed off her presenting skills

She showed up with her man, Themba, but managed to steal the spotlight just for herself. The outfit she had on was one of the best dressed of the evening in my opinion, a little black dress with a risque slit and her hair parted into a half-up do! It was such a refreshing and young look on the sangoma.

She took ownership of that stage alongside TboTouch and I have to confess I barely noticed him. It’s clear that this level of exposure means that DSTV trusts her to deliver, it leads me to believe she would be considered for more presenting jobs in the future.

Social Media Response




People were excited about Mphowabadimo’s look presenting debut and took to Twitter to share.

One user wrote, “MphoWaBadimo ATE are kidding me???πŸ”₯ πŸ™Œ this is what I’m talking about! 😭 SA was disappointing me and she came and revived! And the presenting too! #MphoXMVCAs”

While another impressed user, wrote, “You can give her anything she will nail it😍her name is Mphowabadimo ❀#MphoXMVCAs”

A final user wrote, “Yoh BBM stanship aside, if I don’t see MphoWaBadimo with a presenting gig again in the near future, then our entertainment industry has failed us. Yoh such natural talent shouldn’t go to waste.#MphoXMVCAs”

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