MphoWaBadimo has a sweet birthday message for boyfriend Themba Broly

Mphowabadimo and Themba Broly have been together for a few months now and they met whilst on the Big Brother Mzansi reality show. Their love has been palpable across social media and even now the love birds are still at it, being just about the most adorable pair.

Mpho celebrated her own birthday in the month of August and her man surprised her with thoughtful gifts. It was a very romantic moment. Of course we didn’t get to see the same from Wabadimo, as she prefers to be more private but she did take to her Twitter to write a few words.

She wrote, “Happy birthday to my best friend 💀I’ll always be grateful to your parents for creating the beautiful magic that is you✨ Im not good with words when it comes to you but the only thing I know how to do is to shower you with my love beke le beke ✨Let’s have a beautiful day King❤️”




Their fans loved the interaction of course and they were just clamouring to send their own birthday wishes.

One user wrote, “Oooh Queen wena and King yena 😭Keep on showering him with your love my Baby #MphoWaBadimo”

While another gushed, “Wow what a beautiful union you are may God n amadlozi (ancestors) protect you from evil spirits HAPPY BIRTHDAY THEMBABROLY”

One user wrote, “HBD to your man my love 💚I’m [grateful] he makes you happy because hell will break lose cause I don’t play about you.”

A final user wrote, “Awwww ❤️. Happy birthday @ThembaBroly . Have an amazing day! Gods blessings. 🙏”

It’s clear that love is in the air in a big way for this happy couple. They seem more in love than ever! I have to say the way they acknowledge each other is really beautiful. They make it known that they love each other without being shy about it.